So the latest buzz circulating is the termination of the U.S. distribution of Organic Color Systems.  I personally found out through people talking online and contacting me to see what my thoughts about all this were….Not by the company calling me as I guess they are doing.

So bottom line of what I know is that International Hair & Beauty Systems will no longer be the U.S. distributor of Organic Color Systems.

DON’T PANIC!!  People have been contacting me totally freaking out about what to do.  Well, first of all, if you are that concerned, go ahead and place a big order while they still have a stock of inventory.  Secondly, you can always continue ordering direct from Herb UK if you need to.

I believe Herb UK must certainly have another U.S. distributor in mind.  It would be CRAZY to take the chance on losing all the business and accounts that have been built up here and it is not likely that everyone is going to be interested in ordering from out of the country.

OK, so there are other options as well.  Many new non-ammonia , clean color products have been coming onto the market.  I have not even been able to keep up with testing and reviewing all of them. (sorry)  You can check out the reviews I’ve already done and posted on this blog.  As you may not know, it is super time consuming to do these reviews and I am slightly (lol) busy in the salon, working on my Raw Hair Organic products, teaching classes, and all the other things I do!

However, I am actually a little excited about finding another brand to use in the salon.  International Hair & Beauty Brands told me they are planning on bringing in a couple different lines that will be really great and an easy transition.  They would not disclose to me the brands, but hopefully we will find out soon.  I have been using some of the Matrix Color Insider and have been happy with that and am looking into O & M as I have heard good things about it.  More and More people are using and have been happy with Davines, but I personally did not love that line.  I’ve also just recently heard that Kevin Murphy has come out with a color so that is one to check in to as well.

So there we have it.  Everyone knows my motto is “trials create opportunity” so think of this as an opportunity to expand our education and experience and be able to continue growing (organically of course) by using new and improved clean products which will make our salon environment and client experience even better! 🙂

I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything more.

Melanie Nickels, Raw Hair Organics