I have had my eye on O&M (Original Mineral) since February of this year. I’ve had many requests to review this color line and heard some great things about it. So finally, with the fall-out with Organic Color Systems and Organic Salon Systems, I had my mind made up it was time to make the switch.
I was actually excited about working with a new hair color line. I ordered my tester kit and got started trying the O&M color on a few clients and myself. That excitement quickly diminished as my first couple test clients and myself had scalp irritation from the color. Not severe reactions like blisters or anything, but a noticeable irritation that I was anxious to get rinsed asap. There was no lingering irritation like I’ve had in the past from some color like a head ache….once it was shampooed it was fine.
Good news was it had good grey coverage and did not have to process under a dryer or heat source, so that was a plus.